How to be Single - Teach me! How to?
How to be Single

How to be Single

It’s a difficult situation when you are longing for love and waiting for that special one, the wait seems eternal and all you see are happy couples.

Loneliness creeps in and you start getting depressed and all you need is your person by your side who can take care of you and tell you that everything will be fine I am there but hey, think about it. Is singlehood really a bad thing?



The answer is definitely NO!

 Being single has its own benefits and perks. Some of them are that you can enjoy your freedom, you are not answerable to anyone, and you can do anything according to your will and many others.

Here are some of the ways which will help you to love yourself and to enjoy your singlehood journey without feeling unloved and forlorn:

  1. Stop thinking that you are unworthy of love: Most of the people who are not in any relationship start thinking that if they are single for a long time there is something wrong with them, and they don’t deserve to be loved. One needs to change that thinking right away. Stop feeling like a victim. Feel good about yourself and start believing that you don’t need anybody else to make your life complete. 

  2. Start getting to know yourself: Try to introspect and start analyzing on important aspects of your life. Start doing those things that make you happy. Take out some time to pursue your hobbies and interests. Keep yourself busy and make your life productive so that you keep yourself out from the thoughts of being single. Whether you plan to be single for a short duration of time or forever, learn to adjust your life accordingly. Travel as much as you can and explore new things, read books, watch your favourite series, have regular visits to your favourite salon and pamper yourself etc. 

  3. Come out of an unhealthy relationship: There are times when people tend to stay in an unhealthy relationship due to several reasons which include pressure from the society, financial dependence on the partner, or just the fear of being alone. A bad relationship can actually have severe negative effects on your mind and body. One needs to realize that he/she needs to take a foot forward and make a strong decision of letting yourself out from a poisonous relationship that is not doing any good in your life.

  4. Focus on your career: Sometimes it becomes really difficult to focus on your career when you are in a relationship due to extra responsibilities but when you are single it becomes really easy to focus on things that you want as you have all the time of this world to give extra attention on your goals. Take challenges and see what you are capable of. 

  5. Meet new people and create new friendships: when you are single you enjoy the freedom of meeting new people and make new friends. Not only you build new relationships but you have the opportunity to devote much time to your existing ones. You can spend time with your loved times as long as you like and feel loved.
  6. You can have a romantic relationship whenever you want: The biggest advantage of being single is that you can go for casual dating whenever you want to. You can surf various dating sites and seek people who share same interests as you do. Once you have enjoyed the pros and cons of singlehood you can anytime go for a romantic relationship as well.

  7. Get yourself surrounded by positive and supportive people: Surround yourself with positive people who actually understand you and supports your decision of being single. If you think that that you don’t have anyone who is there for you, try finding new people who don’t judge you and with whom you can talk your heart out.
  8. Become an optimistic person: Positivity heals everything. Once you start feeling positive everything will start falling into place. Feel happy, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are strong and lovely and you don’t need another person to tell you this. You are complete in your own self. Start writing a gratitude journal and write things for which you are thankful. This will not only change your negative mindset but also change your perspective of looking at things.
  9. Treat yourself: Make delicious dinner for yourself, go on a shopping spree, and watch Netflix while having the yummiest burger or a pizza. Instead of thinking about the negatives of being single, think about all the positives of singlehood.
  10. Move on: If previously you were in a relationship then try not to contact your ex in any way as it will not only complicate things but also you will feel that once again you are drifting towards the unhappy thoughts. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and don’t be afraid to be single. Take life as it comes, and see each day as a ray of hope and new opportunity.

And that’s how you become Single with no strings attached!



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