How to Calculate GPA? - Teach me! How to?
How to Calculate GPA?

How to Calculate GPA?

A grade point average or a GPA is that number which represents the average value of the garnered final grades which you get in courses over time. GPA is provided in the form of an alphabet to the students after each semester. 0-4 or 5 points is the numerical value that is assigned to each letter grade, depending on your institution’s scale. The method to calculate GPA varies from country to country. How to Calculate GPA?

A little maths is required to calculate your GPA, you’ll need to find your grading scale, then you have to convert each letter grade to a corresponding numerical value within the scale, then you have to average those values to find your GPA. Below, we are providing you three methods to calculate your GPA:

How to Calculate GPA?

  • Using Simple GPA Calculation
  • Calculating GPA with Weighted Credit Hours
  • Calculating GPA Using Excel

Method 1 (Using Simple GPA Calculation):

  1. Start by finding a grading scale: In United States, the most common grading scale is a four-point scale which is as follows:
          Grades            Points
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0


This is called an unweighted GPA. However, there are some schools which use a weighted GPA and allots 5 points for more rigid classes.
There is also a plus and minus grading system according to which a plus is valued as +.3 and a minus is valued as -.3. Now, according to this system, the new scale formed is:

Grades Points
A+ 4.0
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- 0.7
F 0

You can take the help of your teacher to know which scale is used in your school to calculate GPA.

  1. Collect your grades: Now collect your most recent grades which you can collect from your school or with the help of your teacher, an office administrator, or registrar. You only need your final grades to find your GPA.
  2. Note down the point value for each grade: Using the four-point scale, register the correct point value against each grade. Use the table provided above to evanesce any doubt that comes to your mind while finding out your GPA.
  3. Make a total of all the values of your grades: Add the values up to your grades after noting them down. For instance, if you have an A- in Geography, a B+ in History, and a B- in Maths then your total would be7 + 3.3 + 2.7 = 9.7.
  4. Calculate and divide: The final number that you have must be divided by the number of classes you are taking. If you get a 9.7 on a 4-point scale for three classes, then the equation for calculating your GPA is7 / 3 = 3.2. Your GPA is 3.2.

How to Calculate GPA?

Method 2 (Calculating a GPA with Weighted Credit Hours):

  1. Find out the number of credits: The units used by the schools to measure workload is known as credit hours. Each course you pursue has a number of credit hours for some schools and colleges. Credit hours are calculated on the basis of the number of hours spent inside the classroom, a number of hours spent studying outside the class and mode of instruction. You have to find the credit hours designated for each course you are taking.


  1. Record the appropriate scale value for each letter grade using 4- point scale: Use the common 4-point GPA scale which is provided above to assign the values to your grades. A weighted GPA scale is used when the school allots 5 points for upper-level You can take the assistance from the table provided above in this article to calculate weighted GPA.


  1. Calculate your weighted scores: To find your GPA, multiply each scale value grade by the number of credit hours to get the grade points. For instance, if you have got a B in a 4 credit hour class then you would multiply the scale value of 3 for the grade B by 4 credit hours, and you would get 12-grade points for that class. To calculate your total grade points, add the weighted grade points for all of your classes together.
  2. Find your total weighted credits: To find your total credits, add together the number of credit hours you have taken in total. If you took 3 classes that were 4 credit hours each, you will have a total of 12 credit hours.
  3. Divide the total grade points by the total credit hours: For example, if your addition of total weighted scores give you 4-grade points and your total weighted credit hours will sum up to 15.5, then you would solve with the following equation: 45.4 / 15.5 = 2.92. Your credit hour-weighted GPA is 2.92.

Method 3 (Calculating GPA Using Excel):

  1. Make your columns: In the A column, Fill in the names or numbers of the subjects you’re taking in column A and in column B, fill in the letter grades you want to give you your GPA and in column C, fill in the numerical scale values of the grades according to the scale used in your school. In column D, input an equals sign (=) into the first cell and type “SUM” next to it to add.
  2. Input your equation: The basic format of the equation used to calculate your GPA is “=SUM(C1: C6)/6”. The equation GPA will be determined by how many grades you have. In the equation, C1 is the cell number (C- column, 1-row) of the first grade in your column, the number on the right side of the colon should be the cell number of the final grade on your list and the number after the slash should be the total number of courses that you are calculating. Replace the 6 according to the number of subjects you have.
  3. Get your result: When you hit the enter button, you will have a single number in column D, which is your final calculated GPA.

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No matter how boring and difficult it might look to calculate your GPA but once you try step by step, you will surely find out that these methods are so very simple. The end result depends on your exact calculations based on the methods provided above; a simple error and you might get a completely wrong score, hence, giving importance to accuracy is advised while calculating and following up with the steps of the methods.


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