The Best Way to Change a Circuit Breaker - Teach me! How to?

The Best Way to Change a Circuit Breaker

How to replace a circuit breaker


So, circuit breakers safeguard the electric connections in the house. It stops the overloading of electricity to your main panel box and other connections. Circuit breakers protect the short circuits and electrical faults. There are many circuit breaker types and circuit breaker patterns. Hence, you need to check and verify the circuit breaker before you replace it with the new one.


Yet, in case you need to know how to replace a circuit breaker, here are some DIY methods to replace it on your own.


When should you replace a circuit breaker

Circuit breakers generally last for a long period of time, so when you replace it, you need to first check the fault and other errors in it. Some faults when you need to remove and place a fresh one:


  • ·         Very easy tripping
  • ·         Your old circuit breaker doesn’t trip when it should.
  • ·         When you cannot reset it
  • ·         When it is too hot to touch
  • ·         If it starts smelling burnt.


Before you understand how to replace the circuit breaker:


  • ·         You will need a new circuit breaker of course.
  • ·         Make sure that you get the right model, the right brand, and the accurate size as per the circuit panel of your house.
  • ·         Insulating materials against electric shock such as rubber mats, plywood or a wooden stand on.
  • ·         A flashlight which is insulated or any other non-supportive light source.
  • ·         Screwdriver which is protected and insulated
  • ·         Insulated and safe wire strippers.
  • ·         Cable wire connectors to connect the circuit breaker to the main or important circuit panel.
  • ·         Voltage or shock tester.


Steps on how to replace a circuit breaker

To replace the circuit breaker you have to follow some Do It Yourself steps which will help you to remove the old one placing a new one safely.

Step 1

Once you have bought the correct circuit breaker brand, size, and pattern, you have to unseat the screws of the new circuit breaker holding the panel plate cover above. If you don’t hold it in the right way, it may start tipping and might cause serious shock damage to the panel. Remove the corner screws initially, then the remaining ones. Let the middle screws be the last that you separate.


Step 2

Switch off the breaker by turning down the reset lever and locate the circuit breaker that needs to be replaced. Be careful and never touch the live wires. Look out for the black insulated wire that would be connected to the breaker; move it out of the panel.

Step 3

Switch on panel’s outer side carefully holding the old circuit breakers gasp edge. Make sure that the breaker is shockproof or dead as you have turned off the main panel. Now, remove the black circuit by removing the screws.

Step 4

Now, carefully attach the black insulated wire to the new circuit breaker by placing the bare of the black wire and tighten the screw once you are done with it. Let the breaker reset lever be OFF unless and until you install it. You can now hook the new circuit into the back holder. Post, you have to replace the panel cover and the screws. Switch on the reset lever and the circuit breaker and check the power with the tester.


Do It Yourself


You can do these methods yourself. But make sure that you have all the precautionary equipment and materials available handy with you. If you don’t have, make sure that you get it before you start replacing the new circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are very important and they should be handled with care. Follow the above-mentioned instructions and learn how to replace a circuit breaker yourself. If you think the steps are quite difficult, then don’t hesitate to call upon a professional electrician.




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