How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes? 6 Tricks You Must Know!

Okay, so now it is a big problem for some. Your favorite white shirt now has black ink all over and now you are worried about how to get rid of it. Well, don’t be overwhelmed. We have solutions for you. Just a little slip-up of your black permanent marker does not mean your favorite piece of clothing is now a waste. There are a few common household products out there that will help you get rid of that marker stain from your shirt. Moreover, you don’t even have to wait for the household remedies to solve the problem for you. You can easily get rid of it as soon as you apply them to your stain.

Getting creative with your kid is good, but if you let that creativity into your favorite clothes, then that is alright. Don’t get upset because a black marker has ruined your shirt. Though we all know that a permanent marker is long-lasting and vibrant, with an easy how-to guide, you can get rid of that annoying stain on your t-shirt.

Removing Permanent Marker V/S Removing Plain Ink

When you write with regular ballpen, you will notice that the inks are water-based. They are only useful for writing on papers and they are permanent in that way. So, if you spill a little bit of normal ink on your white t-shirt, it won’t be a problem. With the right detergent, you can get rid of it. But when it comes to permanent marker, manufactures use solid oil-based or alcohol-based, it takes a little effort to remove that thing from your clothes. The oil and alcohol-based ink are also known as ‘carriers’ and that helps the ink to stick up to the surface so that it becomes hard to remove it. These ‘carriers’ are water-resistant; so no matter how many times you wash the shirt, it won’t remove the stain from it. And you cannot wash away the ink through the water along. Therefore, you need to use some extra helpful products along with water that will show you a noticeable and helpful result.

How Can I Remove Marker Stains?

The aim is to treat that permanent marker stains with some products that will help you separate the oils, alcohol, and ink, and will expose the colorants in the surface. So, it will allow you to treat the discolored area the same way you use on other ink or stains. Therefore, simply through washing by water, you can remove the rest of the color from your shirt. So, here we have listed a few products that will help you get the job done with ease.


People are using hairspray for a decade to remove permanent marker ink from clothing. You will find so many hairsprays in the market but the one high in alcohol will do the job. Many manufacturers have reduced the use of alcohol in hairsprays these days, but if you can find one, that will be the best. Alcohol-based hairsprays will help you get rid of permanent marker stains from polyester or poly-blend clothes.

Methylated Spirits and Rubbing Alcohol

If you are lucky enough to collect raw alcohol or Methylated Spirits found in a chemist or local DIY stores, then it will get the job done. You can also look out for alcohol-based antibacterial hand soaps or liquid hand wash that you will probably find in your house, that will be a good choice too.


Milk tastes good and is healthy. But did you know that you can use it on your white shirt to get rid of permanent ink? You can save a little bit of milk from your morning breakfast and apply that on your affected shirt in a specific process.


Be it leather, your couch skin, or even your own skin, it works brilliantly on the permanent marker. You just need to pour any of the ingredients mentioned before and run the affected area with the skin to remove the stain from your clothes. You can also use a nail-polish removal to remove inks that are water-resistant.


You maybe have a leather couch at home, or your favorite leather jacket maybe? It will help you as a permanent marker removal. You can use it with the aforementioned liquid and rub the area to remove the stain.


You can pour some rubbing alcohol or hairspray on a washcloth and try to rub that thing around the disaster and scrub it until the color is gone. You can also use sanitizer gel or nail polish remover if you are out of alcohol or hairspray.

Titbits for Permanent Marker Removal

Now that you know the ingredients you require to remove the marker stains from your shirt, here is the process of doing it. The methods don’t promise you to get a 100% result, but with the right techniques and product, you will get an effective result.

  • Always treat a permanent marker as fast as possible after the offense occurred. Even if you are a little late, don’t worry. It may take a little longer but will work anyway.
  • If the stain is a little wet, try to remove as much color as possible with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use a paper towel or that would leave tiny paper particles on the surface.
  • Do not wipe, just dab gently.
  • Pour your chosen product on the area and use leather or a towel to remove the stain. The ingredients will work fine on cotton and synthetic fibers but wool and silk will take extra care.
  • You need to leave the chosen solvent directly on the area for 15 minutes keep your windows and doors open to let air in.
  • You can put the cloth in your washing machine now and don’t put it above 30 degrees of temperature.
  • If some colors still remain, repeat the process again.

Sometimes due to hard luck, nothing removes colors from your garment. At that point, take your clothing to your local dry cleaner and they will help you out. If you have got some tips, don’t hesitate to share it with us. You are always welcomed to write in the below box.

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