3 Ways to Kill Sugar Ants - Teach me! How to?

3 Ways to Kill Sugar Ants

                                                                        How to get rid of ants


Like many other gnats and insects, even ants arrive home in search of food source. Ants are way too smart and they can easily find out their needs and reach their destination in no time. Once they have found their source, you will soon see a tiny army walking around your home. However, you cannot use any kind of pesticides or spray in your kitchen area.

So, how to get rid of ants? Isn’t there an option?


There are some practical steps that you can take and know some of the easiest methods and known how to get rid of ants.


From vinegar to adhesive tape there are many methods using which you can easily get rid of these tiny soldiers.


These trusted methods will easily tackle all your problems and the uninvited guests in your house will soon run away.

  •         Get rid of ants using Adhesive Tape


The army is walking around your kitchen shelf in search of some sweets or some cookies probably. Don’t panic, your cookies are safe. You just have to create a shallow ditch (also known as moat) around the corner of the object by covering it with a duct tape or an adhesive tape. Stick the tape slightly upwards. You can simply protect your eatables with an adhesive and get rid of ants in your kitchen.

  •         How to use Baster and keep away ants


If you feel that your place is rented to some small tiny beings, then you may need this method to protect your house from them. You don’t have to share your quarters with ants. You can simply sprinkle some boric acid powder (yes, the one that we use to smoothen the carom board) all along the cracks and curves around your room. You will see your tiny guests have all ran away. Use a baster to help you blow boric around the edges and corners of your room. Some places are hard to reach, so baster can help you reach there. Also, don’t let boric acid be near children or pets.

  •         Use Chalk


Chalks prevent cockroaches too. Yes, a simple chalk can not only terrifies students but also terrifies ants and roaches. Draw a sharp line around the house entry point. You will see that the ants are no longer sharing your biscuits. The minerals and the calcium carbonate in the chalk with keep away the ants forever and ever. Farmers generally use chalk powder to repel crawling insects from their plants.

  •         How to get rid of ants with flour


You flour instead of dangerous pesticides. Just sprinkle a flour line in the corners and the back of your kitchen shelves and other entry points of your house for the small intruders. Flours are accurate repellents. Ants won’t cross the line. But be careful, even small insects have become smart nowadays. Using this method you can easily get rid of ants in house.

  •         How to get rid of ants using vinegar


Vinegar will serve an eviction notice to your tiny little guests. Blend equal portions of water and white vinegar and start spraying it. Everywhere, all around your home wherever you see ants. Ants don’t like the smell of vinegar. This is your chance to kick them out from your room.

Tiny intruders are gone!


Now, you are absolutely free of ants. Apply these methods and you will see no uninvited guests at your place. Ants don’t cause much trouble, but yeah they eat out all the cookies for sure. Yet, we cannot afford to lose our favorite eatables.



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