3 Ways to Make Distilled Water - Teach me! How to?

3 Ways to Make Distilled Water

 How to make distilled water


If you are an outdoor and running shortage of water to drink or if you are worried about the tap water’s impurity then you don’t have to worry at all. Distilled water has got you covered. Distilled water is cleansed water produced by water vapor or concentrated steam from any kind of impure water. These impure water can be from tap water, tank water, sea water, well water, and snow or plant water. Distilled water can be even used to further purify the water in case of emergencies. So, it’s quite easy!


Now, know how to make distilled water. Below mentioned are the exact methods using which you can easily distill the water available to you.

How to make distilled water at home using stove: Method 1


You can make distilled water on the stove or at campfire very easily. This is the most common method used by any homemaker to make distilled water at home. You would need a huge container or a vessel of water, a small vessel that will collect the distilled water pointed or a round lit for the vessel, and some ice of course. You would have to set the lid upside down over the vessel. Once the water has become hot (that’s okay if it doesn’t boil) put some ice cubes above the lid. It will concentrate the steam. There you go, you have made distilled water.

How to make distilled water with a kettle at home: Method 2


The method is as same as using the stove. You just have to place the container outside and collect the distilled water in it. Make sure that you are not collecting pot water instead of distilled water. Using an aquarium tube or a funnel should be ideal in case of the kettle. To drain the funnel, you ought to vacant the tube below than the funnel. It would certainly don’t contaminate your water and it cools fast than the previous method. You actually don’t have to wait!

How to make distilled water for batteries


There is en number of ways to make water distill for batteries. You would require a deep shallow vessel with a lid- preferably a glass lid and a bowl. Now, let the vessel get half-filled and place the bowl in the center of the vessel. Turn the lid upside down and water above. This above water will make the vessel water cool (no ice cubes required) and makes the purification easier.


Your distilled water is ready to be used for your batteries. Filling the batteries with distilled water is quite easy. Yet, there are some little things to be noted while doing so.


  • ·         Remember to fully charge your battery before you add water.
  • ·         Adding water may impact the performance (it can be either positive or negative).
  • ·         Clean the lids as dust particles may get through the cells of the batteries.
  • ·         Now, take out the batteries and fill the water to the required level.

You have made it!


There are many other methods with which you can make distilled water in indoor or outdoor. Rain, snow, even plants make distilled water if treated as per the above-mentioned methods. There are many distilled water benefits. If you are too lazy (like me) to make it at home, you can simply purchase a distilled water maker and have a purified water to your body.


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