How to Make Money Online - Teach me! How to?
How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

A student or a grownup everyone dream and desire of making money in less time. And well this being the era of smart work combined with hard work. Could there be anything better than earning money online? Not only it is efficient but is effective too. The advancement in technology has made it possible, accessible, interesting and worth spending your time and well your data too. How good will it be if you will get money for surfing on the net or for uploading videos of the work you love, be it art or dance, making music or DiY videos etc. in the following article we have come up with the most effective ways on earning money online and so here we go. How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

1 Sell your Photography Skill

Do you have good photography skills? Or do you feel it is worth sharing with the world? If yes, then all you need is a little pinch of editing and some design skills of software and you are all set to go. This is one of the easiest yet fun ways to work and earn money online. This can be your part-time job and your full-time profession too if you are fond of travelling. Websites like istock photos, Snapped4U,Instaprints etc.
But make sure you come up with some eye-catching pictures to sell them to other websites.

2 Creation of Websites


This is yet another way which is trending in the market these days. You can make money by creating your own website. This is one way of earning passive income. You can know the whole procedure through various available information as to how you can go about it. You can even take the help of various websites that are made exclusively to help you in making a website of your own like EYT etc.

How to Make Money Online
3 Earning through Affiliate Marketing


So you have good social media following or you have your own blog or some sort of website? Then what are you waiting for? Just use your power to conquer the world of affiliate marketing wherein you can promote various companies, websites etc through your social media accounts. For e.g. You can sign up to Awin network look for something that will grab the attention of your fellas.The next step will be grabbing your affiliating link and sharing it with the people interested in knowing about that product or service etc. The commission will be your earning.

4 Selling Your Notes Online


So only if you are not possessive about your notes and don’t mind sharing them with the world. ALL you ought to do is to upload your notes to certain websites and the more students will download the more cash you will generate.

5 Making Gigs


Started in the year 2010 by Shal and Micha this is one of the well-known sources to earn money online. You may start with as low as $5 and well can go on to earn as much as 6digit figures too. Try your luck ones. So it could be anything be it posting on social media, pranks being played, video clips of whatsoever type etc.If you wish to earn more than you can attach extra services to your gig.
6 Reviewing Music

So if you are fond of listening music then why not use this fondness to earn money ?yes you can earn up to $40 or even more to review music of various singers online. Though the amount wouldn’t be much but with time and with constant follow-ups to your reviews you may increase the amount. Websites like Slicethepie offers such services of reviewing music.

7 Freelancing


So all you need is a good internet connection, some fondness and love for writing or maybe graphic designing and some basic knowledge and skill of doing work. Yes, that’s all you need to work as a freelancer and earn money online. Websites like, café press etc. provides you with the best of opportunities. Freelancing can be done as a part time job and as a full time profession too. The more you write the more you learn and excel in your work. There isn’t any restriction as a freelancer can take n number of projects but make sure you submit them on time.

How to Make Money Online

8 Making and Selling Videos Online


This is one of the most interesting, eye-catching and loved thing over the internet today. Be it a youtube video or any random etc things like these are super loved by the viewers today and that leads helps in making money to the youtube, dubsmasher etc.

9 Ebating


So ebate is basically the cash you get in return as an award for the particular product you bought from that particular website. This might not earn you a lot of money what we know the happiness of earning cash points too, right?

10 Competitions


Earning money through competitions is one way which will not only make you earn some amount but will earn you things like happiness and proud. There are websites and apps that help you earn through your participation in competitions.

11 Be a Mystery Shopper


This might sound new but this too is one of the nicest methods to earn money online. The concept here is that you got to visit the places or shops and showrooms given to you by the websites and review their workings and products.

12 Buying and Selling of Domain Names


If we talk about the meaning of the above this simply stands for the address of the website. All you got to do is to look for various domain names available that hold good value in commercial terms. Pile them up and then you can sell your list to different websites.

13 Blogging
One of the most famous ways to earn money online is through the blogging. Be it your blog on health or current situation or travelling etc. you are required to follow steps to create a blog .the first step is the selection of a blogging platform. Following which comes the second step of registering the domain name of your blog. Next, your focus should be on the designing of the blog and then start collecting your audience. The focus should be on what people like the most and how you help your blog to grow.

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So now you have 13 interesting ways to earn money online what are you waiting for? Just choose a niche that you feel holds the ability to make you earn really really well and start earning without any muss or fuss.


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