How to Pick a Lock - Teach me! How to?

How to Pick a Lock

                                                                              How to pick a lock


We sometimes may forget our keys inside or lose it outdoor. So if you know how to pick a lock, then you have really learned a useful skill. You don’t have to call a locksmith to get you in. But what if you don’t know how to open a door without a key? Don’t panic, yet there are some tricks using which you can easily get into your house. Wait, I am talking about your own house, not others. It is illegal to pick other’s door lock.


So, here are some methods using which you can open your door without a key and just walk into your living room.

How to pick a lock with lock picking set


There is en number of lock picking set available in the market. If you find yourself locked out of your house and if you are luckily carrying a lock pick set then you are safe. There would be many tools in the set and you can use them to open your room/house door. If you don’t have a lock pick set, then you can call upon a locksmith (look out for the best locksmith) and open your door.

If you don’t want to call a locksmith and you don’t have a lock pick set, then there are other options using which you can simply open your door and walk in. Let us how can you open your door with basic tools.

How to pick a lock with paper clips


You can use the paper clips to open your door locks. You would need 2 paper clips (of course, if you don’t have them handy you can ask your neighbor) the strong the better and a set of pliers. Make a wrench by straightening one of the clips and the other end yet bent. Combine both parts together and that part will go into your lock. Now, bend the straight end towards 90 degrees and form a wrench. Now, straight the second clip and bend it all along 90 degrees and form a rake. Just keep doing it until you have three ridges of the clips.

How to pick a lock with bobby pin


You might have seen in the movies a door opens just with a bobby pin. Yes, even you can do it. Don’t just go trying this trick in other’s lock, otherwise, you will probably be explaining the reason. You would need a bobby pin and a safety pin. Create a wrench from the bobby pin. Break the bobby pin into equal parts. Make one of pins perpendicular. Now you can apply pressure to the lock and you will see it opening. You have to apply pressure towards the direction your key works on your lock. You can also use a safety pin with the bobby pin.

How to pick a lock with a card


Yes, your credit card can open your door too. You need to pick a credit card that you no longer use. Now, pop the whole card in the gap of the door frame and the door. Now, tilt the card towards you. Bend it the opposite way. This will work if you do it accurately. You can also use insurance cards, debit cards, hotel lock keys, gift cards, and membership cards too.

You have unlocked your lock!


Opening a door without a key could be difficult. Why do you want to call an unknown professional to open your house door? It should be better if you apply these methods to your door when you are locked out. These techniques works!


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