4 Easy Ways to Remove Wallpaper - Teach me! How to?

4 Easy Ways to Remove Wallpaper

                                                                    How to remove wallpaper

Are you ready to get rid of your old wallpaper? If you are tired of your old wallpaper, then it’s time for you to change the wallpaper and start with a fresh one. If your home’s previous owners had a scenic wallpaper that doesn’t mean you should have it too. You can simply change your wallpaper and put up a new one over there. Luckily, you don’t have to hire an expert to do it for you. Below are some DIY methods and know how to remove wallpaper easily.

How to remove wallpaper


To remove wallpaper, you first need to protect your other portions and surfaces of your wall so that it won’t get affected due to your wallpaper removing techniques. Some simple easy techniques include:

  •         You need to use a painter’s tape to cover molding and trim.
  •         Now, you need to peel off the old wallpaper (you can use a knife).
  •         Later you ought to spray warm water after you have peeled off the old one.
  •         After the water has soaked in, you can start scraping off the paper slowly.
  •         Now, the paper has gone, you need to wash the wall so that you can remove all the paste and primer.
  •         Now you have to smooth it. You can use gel stripper to remove the leftover wallpaper on your wall.
  •         You are good to go now! Place a new wallpaper and let it shine all around your room.

How to remove wallpaper from drywall


You can even remove wallpaper from a drywall. You need to dry strip whatever you can on your wall. If you have an easily strippable wallpaper then you can simply remove wallpaper without any chemical solutions. Now it’s time for you to score the wallpaper. Once you have soaked, the wallpaper will easily peel off. You don’t have to use a knife to peel it off. Now you have to soak the wallpaper removal sheet into a hot water. Even a chemical solution will also work in case if you want the process to happen fast.

How to remove wallpaper border


Removing wallpaper borders are genuinely a bit difficult task as you might not know since when the border is attached to it. You would need materials such as hair dryer, steamer, and a plastic scraper. Turn on the hairdryer with the low setting but on high heat. The wallpaper surface should be at least 10 inches far from the dryer. Now let the warm air blow over the surface and let it glue become heat and soft. After it has become soft, you have to gently peel off the border from the surface. Use the plastic scraper to lose the bond. You can also use a steamer to get the best results out of it. You can also add more water to soften the border glue.

How to remove wallpaper with fabric softener

Wallpaper removing is an entertaining task for anyone. It is one of the interesting DIY tasks. Make sure that you use dye or smell free softener. Later, you have to mix the fabric softener with the water; blend it well and start spraying it over the wallpaper surface. Let the spray particles stay over the wallpaper for about 20 minutes. Post that, you can remove the wallpaper easily. It will just peel off.

You got a new wallpaper!


However, you have removed your old wallpaper. Make sure that you use the above-mentioned methods correctly. Otherwise, it may affect your wall’s paint and plasters. If you feel that it could be difficult for you, then don’t hesitate to call an expert to complete the task.



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