How to take Screenshot on PC - Teach me! How to?
How to take Screenshot on PC

How to take Screenshot on PC

Screenshots or screen captures are always useful when you want to instantly show something to somebody. Or just want to save something for your personal use. Are you looking for some ways as to how to take screenshot on PC Well, there are several easy ways to take a screenshot on your computer. Discussed below in this article, no matter what version of windows you are using. 

Print Screen

How to take Screenshot on PC

  • To copy the screenshot of the entire screen on your clipboard, tap the PrtScn button.
  • Then according to your suitability choose any program like Microsoft word, Photoshop or paint to paste your screen capture. Using paint is advisable.
  • Once the image is pasted save the screenshot using Ctrl+S or File > Save as.
  • Use the command Windows Key + PrtScn To capture your entire screen which will be automatically saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Alt + PrtScn, you can take the screenshot of the active window.

Snip Editor

How to take Screenshot on PC

  • Snip editor was also known as window snip is a toolbar that allows you to take screenshots on your PC.
  • You can capture the screen fully or partially according to your appropriateness.
  • Snip editor allows you to edit the screenshot with its various features.
  • Through Snip you also get the option of taking a screenshot after a delay of 5 seconds so that you get some time before grabbing the screen capture.

Snipping Tools

How to take Screenshot on PC

  • Snipping tool is an inbuilt windows utility which helps you to capture the screen of your PC without the use of the keyboard.
  • If you are using windows 7 then Click on the Start Menu and look for accessories folder and select “Snipping Tool.”
  • If you are windows 8 or 10 user then hit Ctrl + Tab to get the access to “App View.” Once you get there select Snipping tool. To start the process Click New.
  • Use the mouse or the touchpad to crop your screenshot.
  • Make any edits if you want to and save the capture to your desired location using Save as an option after selecting the desired image format.

Windows Key + H

How to take Screenshot on PC
For sharing the screenshot via email, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, etc. use the Windows Key + H keyboard shortcut. This will take the screenshot and open the Windows Share toolbar.

Windows + Shift + S (For Windows 10 users)

How to take Screenshot on PC

  • For Windows 10 users, pressing Windows + Shift + S will help you to capture a region of your screen.
  • You can select the region of the screen that you would want to capture as a screenshot with the help of the mouse.
  • The screenshot will then be copied to your clipboard.
  • Use any desired editing program to paste the screenshot, edit it and then save.

Hopefully, the methods discussed in this article will help you to take the perfect screenshots on your PC without spending much time and efforts.

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