3 Ways to Sharpen a Knife - Teach me! How to?

3 Ways to Sharpen a Knife

                                                                               How to sharpen a knife


Before we begin, you should know that there is en number of ways to sharpen your knife. Each of us has different ways of thinking and sharpening the knife. We need to be sorted in order to get the best techniques and tools to get a perfectly sharpened knife. You need to first think of usage of the knife. It can be anything- cooking, shaving, or any other specific purpose. If you are planning to cook a five star meal then you would need to sharpen the knife smartly. There are many other options with you can simply sharpen your knives.

Check out the below-mentioned methods and learn how to sharpen knives at home.

How to sharpen knife with sharpener


You will find various knife sharpener that you can use to sharpen your knife. Well, it depends on what kind of knife sharpener you are using- it can be both manual knife sharpener and an electric knife sharpener as well. You need to examine the knife sharpener before you start using it. After you have checked the sharpener, you would need to insert the knife blade in the sharpener slot. Never touch the knife blade or the sharpener when it is in action. The sharpening process generates heat and you might hurt yourself. Put the blade into the slot by using a light pressure upon it. You might want to do this process several times in order to sharpen your knife more effectively.

When you are using an electric knife sharpener, then you to just switch on the sharpening machine and insert the blade into the slot. You have to repeat the process until it gets completely sharped. Of course, that depends on you. Once you feel that the knife is sharpened as per your expectation, you should rinse it with cool water and let the knife blade dry. You can also use a towel to dry it. Later, it will be ready to use again.

How to sharpen a knife without a sharpener


There is en number of ways and tools of course that you can use it to sharpen your knife. You can certainly use a sharpener, but what if you don’t have a sharpener at your place? Don’t worry, you have got several other options such as a coffee mug, a rod and a lot more. You ought to use a bare ceramic mug in order to sharpen your knife. Now, place the knife blade bottom on that ceramic base that you found it. Hold it to 30 to 40 degrees angle and let it draw against you. Repeat the process several times until you have found the knife sharp as per your requirement.

How to sharpen a knife with a stone


When you are sharpening it with a stone, you ought to first verify your knives that you want to sharpen. Once you have checked the knife you have to choose the stone that you want to use to sharpen your knife. There are oil stones and diamond stones that you can use to sharpen your knives. Yet, oil stones are a bit messier and you have to clean up every now and then. Diamond stones last longer and don’t need any much of cleaning, but are expensive. Choose the right stone grit as there are various sizes available for the stone grit. You can start sharpening your knife after you have followed the instructions.

It works!


Knife sharpening is one of the best activity that you can ever do! Yet, the above-mentioned techniques are very useful when you apply it to your sharpening activity. It is quite easy as well.



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