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3 Easy Steps to Clean Air Vents In Your House!

If you want to inhale fresh and pure air all the time, make sure to clean your AC vents from time to time. When you keep the ducts clean, the heating system takes a longer time. Moreover, air ducts contain various particles, dust, dirt, spider webs, and other things that cause allergic reactions. So, to keep yourself and your family safe from unexpected health issues, be careful from now on and keep your air vents clean. However, if you contact AC servicing, you will have to pay a lot of money. Why opt for a paid servicing when you can do it on your own without spending a dime? Yes, it’s possible. Here I have given some tips on How to Clean Air Vents In Your House. Check out the entire post and find the solutions.

Reduce Dust and Save Money!

Even if you don’t have an expensive high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum system, you can still clean your AC vents with ease. Well, the methods I am going to show you will be effective enough to clean your AC ducts but surely you won’t reach every nook and crook of your vents. These methods will help you remove at least 85% of the dust from your AC vents without spending extra money on a new vacuum system.

You will find lots of designs of the duct system in the market. Attic systems and underground systems are examples, but the method of cleaning these two is the same. Maybe reaching all the parts of these systems is not that easy, but that is not a big deal. You can effectively clean all those parts that you can reach and that would make a difference to the quality of the air around you. Even if you want to reach toward the register, you can but not on your own. Anyway, below I have given a few things you would require to clean your AC vent effectively like a pro.

  1. Furnace Filter: You must need a Furnace Filter at the end of the cleaning session so choose the right filter option.
  2. Vacuum: Find a household vacuum that you probably have in your house. Avoid the  “Shop Vac” which is a bit heavier.
  3. Brush: Find something that is similar to a toilet brush with soft bristles but stiff.
  4. Screwdriver or Hex Driver: You need to undo the register fasteners and for that, you need a Screwdriver or a Hex Driver.
  5. Paper Towels: You need a paper towel as well to cover some registers while you clean others.

So, go and get this stuff then we will talk about the ways to clean your AC vents effectively at home like a pro.

Tips to Clean Your Air Ducts

Before we get going with the cleaning process, we should look at these few tips to make the cleaning more effective.

  • You can use this process to clean cold air returns as well
  • This deep cleaning only needs to be done a couple of times in a year. You need to keep the ducts clean by lifting the register and vacuuming any dust or debris wherever you see them. You can even clean it on a monthly basis to make sure everything’s in place.
  • If you have a cat or dog who shed or kids who drop things on the floor registers, install vent register filters.
  • After cleaning your ducts, make sure to change your HVAC’s air filter

Now it is time to get into the cleaning business. Check out the following sections to find out how to clean your ducts and air vents properly.

Step 1- Cleaning the Duck

You can easily remove the floor registers but when it comes to the wall registers, you might have to unscrew them with a cordless drill. You should also start by covering up your supply air registers with paper towels. This will help prevent dust from entering into those areas. As you lift or remove the registers, apply a paper towel on top of it. Now remove the vent and wash it in a sink where hot water is flowing. Make sure the water is soapy to remove the dust. Wash it effectively and let air in to dry them out. If you have metal registers, you can easily clean them in a dishwasher. But if you have used paints on them, better wash them by hand.

Once you are done with the registers, place them aside and connect the dryer vent brush on the edge of your cordless drill. You need to attach them firmly before going to use it on the duct because the brush can get lost in your system if you leave it loose. Also, turn the fan on when you are in the cleaning process. Set the “fan-on” and turn off the  “heat/cool” mode so the only fan is running will be the thermostat. If your Ac does not come with the fan-only option, you can only turn on the heat. But in the future, you might want to install a thermostat for your own advantage.

Step 2- Start with the Process

Turn on your drill and let it whirl the brush inside your duct. When the drill is still running slowly, pull it back when the brush is cleaning the walls inside of the duct.   When you pull it off, make sure to turn it off when you find it reaching the final 2 feet. If you don’t turn it off at that time, the dust will be everywhere. Also, now it is time to check the filters. You need to ensure that your old furnace filter is in place so when you let loose of the dust, they won’t go back into the fan motor. Also, once you pull off the dryer vent brush from your duct, stick the vacuum cleaner with the dust brush into the duct. Again this time, make sure that the brush is attached completely. Now you can vacuum down the dust which you have dislodged and then you can give a quick vacuum to the vent brush and then move on to the next duct to clean it up too.

Step 3- Clean the Rest

Use a damp but not wet microfiber cloth and reach to the duct to clean the rest of the item. You will have to wash the cloth often because of the dust. You should also wipe the area around the AC vent to make sure there is no dirt or dust that would create a problem. 

So, these are very simple ways to clean your air vents. However, if you know any other solution, do not hesitate to mention them in the comment box below.