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How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows

Depending on the cause of the hard water spots on your windows, we face a hard time removing the spots. It creates a messy and stubborn look on your windows and is very difficult to get rid of. First off, we need to identify the reasons why these spots occur and then we can find a great solution that would help us prevent or get rid of the issue. First of all, water is different on the basis of locations and in some countries or locations, water contains high minerals like calcium and magnesium. You will find your bathroom mirror or the mirror above the sink full of these stubborn water dots. When the water evaporates from the surface after sometimes it leaves with these marks. The marks are whitish or greyish depending on the level of calcium the water contains. When you find such marks on your windows, you can try to remove them as soon as possible. At the earliest stage, these marks are easy to remove, but as the days go by, they become stubborn than ever.

The thing is, it ruins the view of the mirror and creates a boring look. Sometimes by applying regular detergent, you can get rid of these spots but using soap scum does not help much. Since calcium and magnesium are difficult to remove from your mirror surface, you need to identify the reasons behind the cause. And only then, you will be able to find out a reliable solution. Today in this post, I will share some coolest solutions that will help you get rid of these stubborn hazy watermarks from your window glass easily.


The Reasons Behind Water Spots on Windows

We will talk about How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows for sure. But before that, it is important to know why they have developed in the first place. When water drops are sprinkled on the glass, if we don’t wipe them off immediately, the water-based minerals such as calcium and magnesium would cause these hazy marks on your Windows. Therefore, when the water is sprinkled on the surface, it evaporates after sometimes it leaves those stubborn marks on your windows and the water flies away leaving the minerals behind.

Rainwater can cause these spots on windows but that is not the only source of these watermarks. If you find a water sprinkler is also spraying your windows, that would be a cause too. Sometimes even when your roof leaks rainwater it causes the water spots. If you can address if any of these actions are causing the problem, then you can stop the action to get rid of the issue.

Some window glasses even come with an in-built quality to help prevent water spots. However, not all windows come with the same feature. If you don’t have this feature on your windows, you can try to apply some glass sealant, carnauba paste wax, or rain repellent products on your windows or mirrors that contain water spots. These products will help the rainwater roll-down the glass without beading up on the mirror or window. So, this technique reduces the chance of hard watermark formation.

Things You Should Know Before Removing Water Stains

We would remove the water stains from your windows or mirror for sure, but before going to any steps, we should check out a few things that would help.

  • Choose a small area and test the area to see if it is working or not
  • You should never try to remove water stains from hot glass or windows under direct sunlight
  • You need to clean the windows precisely before working on the spots
  • Never use abrasive scrubbing materials such as scrubs or pads
  • You should follow all the directions to scrub the stains
  • Do not let any cleaning materials dry out on the windows or surface
  • Be careful while cleaning your glass windows because they can be fragile

Now that you have read the precautions carefully, you won’t have any problem performing the action. So, let’s have a look at the main steps below.

Steps for Removing Water Stains from Windows

We would treat your windows with a water stain cleaning product, but before that, we will spend sometimes cleaning the windows. Here are the solutions-

Water and vinegar: collect white distilled vinegar and some water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the windows. You need to saturate the entire area thoroughly and make sure you clean the window glasses before going to remove the marks. After applying the solution, you need to sit patiently for a minute and when the glass dries, you need to respray the area. And also with that, you need to spray a little solution on a rough towel and scrub the window with the towel. After scrubbing, you need to dry the window with a soft paper towel and you will find the water spots are vanishing. Repeat the process until the entire window looks fresh.

Lemon: lemon can help you get rid of those stubborn water marks. Slice a half lemon piece and then rub the piece on the glass with the correct amount of pressure. Lemon contains natural acidity that would help you remove water stains with ease. Wipe the lemon juice with a soft cloth and spray a glass cleaner and wipe it off with a newspaper to find your windows shining.

These are natural and effective home remedies that will help you conquer the stubborn water spots on your windows. However, you can also ask for professional services is these home-made remedies don’t work for you. So, now that you know How to Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows, you can start the process anytime. Meanwhile, if you need any help, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.