How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy} - Teach me! How to?
How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy}

How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy}

A resume is a formal document, a compilation in the written form that covers and represents the important aspects like the educational qualification, the work experience, expertise, skills, etc. of an interested candidate for the intended job. But many times people fail to achieve even an interview opportunity leaving them all clueless about where did they go wrong. So instead of doubting your ability, peep inside your resume first, and maybe you will find the missing piece of the puzzle.  This brings us to an important question How to write a Resume.There isn’t any perfect way to it, but few essential steps to be kept in mind while writing a résumé have mentioned below.

How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy} Steps to write a resume

Step1 – Choose the best format for various Methods


Reverse Chronological
This being the oldest somewhat most traditional way to write a resume up.
When to use this method?

  • Use this method when you are focusing on the vertical progression in your career.
  • Or while applying for a job in a homogenous line of work.
  • When focusing on the ascending aspect of your career.

When to avoid its usage?

  • There exists a lot of time gap in employment.
  • Continuous switching from one career path to another.
  • You tend to switch jobs now and then.

How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy}


This method reflects your working ability, your skills, and other core areas.
When to use this method?

  • while changing your career industry
  • when you excel in specific skills
  • There exists time gap in your working

When to avoid its usage

  • When there isn’t any experience, and you are a beginner
  • Or you lack somewhere in interchangeable skills
  • When your focus is on upward career mobility.



As the name suggests, the mixture is a blend of both the above methods.


Step2- Order of the information to be represented

After selecting the method to be used the next step is to choose the order of the information that has to be given in the resume by the applicant. This should include the following

  • Contact information of the applicant
  • Career objective of the applicant
  • Professional profile of the applicant
  • Professional experience of the applicant
  • Educational qualification of the applicant
  • Additional Sections
  • Awards and honors of the applicant
  • Technical skills and competencies of the applicant
  • Other capabilities of the applicant

How to write a Resume {Simple & Easy}

Step3 – Styling of resume

1- Number of Pages

This is the point of argument for some professionals as they believe that going beyond one page is unacceptable whereas others feel that if relevant then the additional page is not a problem.

2- Font and sizes

While selecting a font to keep in mind the convenience of the reader and also to keep the same font throughout your resume. The size should be approximately 24, 12, and 10.

3- Margins
Margins hold an essential part in the formation of a resume. The desirable measurement should be at least   1 and not less than 0. 5inches.

Hope, this piece of information will help you to write a better Resume.

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